Udaan is a special industry initiative (SII) for skill development and employment generation program launched by the government of India in 2012. The special initiative works for the state of Jammu and Kashmir in partnership with Indian corporate industries and the Ministry of Home Affairs.

UDAAN is implemented by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). THE scheme plans to enhance employability for graduates, post graduates and three year engineering diploma holders. The major two objectives of this program are to provide good job opportunities to the highly skilled students, who do not have appropriate circumstances to show their talents, in the restricted area of Jammu and Kashmir.

Government’s aim is to provide those students an exposure by connecting them with the outer world. Not only this, they also aim to provide to corporate India – rich, talented pool available within the state. Udaan team works in three simple steps. Firstly corporate houses present proposal to NSDC. Udaan committee along with NSDC evaluate it properly, Secondly corporate houses identifies and select the students from Udaan website and selection drives, from where students are called and requested to join Udaan partners training centers.

Candidates undergo proper training, ideally for about three to six months, where proper facilities are given to selected candidates. Third step include assessment of the candidates by different companies on the basis of their skills and company’s requirement. After having rigorous provisions, sometimes Udaan fails to impress the youth’s demands and aspirations.

There could be several reasons for that like poor ground work could be one of them. Also poor placement drives and the most importantly corporate are providing training as per their requirement and not according to the interest and skills of the candidates. Story does not end up here; one more major reason is low wages. Salary offered to them is 12000 to 20000, which is not sufficient to survive in a costly city like Delhi.

So what will candidate send back home for their dependent families. Udaan’s aim was to provide skills to 94300 youth over five years in Jammu and Kashmir in high growth sector,where 10555 youth have joined Udaan training program till date among which only 4984 placement offers were made and less than 3000 are working today as per a report.

“we cannot offer job to all candidate in Jammu and Kashmir as there are not enough vacancies. We offer them placements at other locations which most of them refuse. It is waste of our efforts. The government need to convince there students and their parents to accept job offer outside Jammu and Kashmir. This will bring these youth into national mainstream, which is one of the main goals of our project” said a senior human resource manager of a leading private bank giving reasons behind the failure of ambitious Udaan project.


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