15 missiles launched by Iran on U.S troops in Iraq, Trump says “All is well”


Iran launched missiles on two Iraqi bases housing U.S troops in the early hours of Wednesday. Attack came in retailation for the U.S drone strike on an Iranian General Qasem Soleimani in an air strike in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, whose killing raised tension and fear in the middle east.

One source said early indications were of no U.S. casualties, while other U.S. officials declined to comment.

Earlier, Iranian state television reported, 80 american terrorists were killed in 15 missiles attack launched on U.S targets in Iraq. And informed the damage to U.S helicopters and military equipments but did not provide any evidence how it obtained the information.

Germany, Denmark, Norway and Poland said none of their troops in Iraq were hurt. Britain, which also has personnel in Iraq, condemned the Iranian action. Iraq said its forces did not suffer casualties.

Al-Asad air base and another facility in Erbil, Iraq were targeted said, Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman.

US President Donald trump took to Twitter and said,”All is well!,”

Iranian Foreign minister Mohammad Javad zarif said on twitter,

Senior Revolutionary Guards source said, “Iran have 100 other target sites if Washington took any retaliatory measures”.

Twitter reacted to this with pain as no war can bring peace:

Shashi tharoor also took twitter and said, As news comes in of #IranAttacks, our thoughts turn to the innocent people in the region whose lives may be disrupted by escalating conflict,&also to our expatriate countrymen&women in the area. India has good experience of evacuating our people if needed. Let’s hope it won’t be.

Tehran described this act as an act of war and state terrorism.


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