Nirbhaya case :After seven years convicts hanged till death


Nirbhaya rape and murder case four convicts Pawan Gupta (25), Vinay Sharma (26), Akshay Kumar (31), and Mukesh Kumar (32) were hanged till death today at 5:30 am in Tihar jail.

Sandeep Joel, Director General of Tihar jail confirmed to the reporters that the convicts has been hanged early this Friday morning around 5:30 am. He said doctors examined and declared four of them dead.

A five-member panel of DDU forensic department, under the supervision of Dr. B.N. Mishra performed the postmortem at 8 a.m., said a Tihar Jail official.

The four filed multiple petitions over the past few months, managing to stall their execution thrice at the eleventh hour. They neither slept or didn’t ate their last meal and refused any last wish, said officials.

Of the six arrested for the heinous act, one, Ram Singh, was found dead in his jail cell and a minor who was just short of 18 was freed after three years in a reform home.

The advocate seema kushwaha stood by the mother of Nirbhaya for last seven years to bring up the long awaited justice.

Adv. Seema kushwaha with Aisha devi mother of Nirbhaya.

On December 16, 2012, a 23th year old woman was coming back home after watching movie with her friend through a private bus. Suddenly the six men on the bus attacked the friend before carrying their sexual assault on the women with iron rods before being dumped for dead, naked, bleeding and her intestine spilling out.

The woman was a student of physiotherapy and worked at a call centre. Her father worked as an airport baggage handler.

PM Modi also tweeted the victory of truth and justice for women


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