Are you a Muslim?


Late Irfan Khan’s son Babil Khan is very active on social media. Babil uses this way of interacting with the fans very well. Sometimes to share your feelings and sometimes to answer the questions of the fans. Recently a user asked Babil a question on his religion. On this, Babil also gave a wonderful answer to the user in his own style.Babil shared the screenshot of the user’s question and his answer on Instagram Story. The user asked- ‘Brother are you a Muslim?’. On this question asked about religion, Babil wrote.

”I am not from any religion.’ I have read Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Quran and am reading Guru Granth Sahib now. I am for everyone. How we help each other to move forward is the basis of every religion. Irfan always kept humanity above religion, know that Babil’s father, late actor Irrfan Khan, was also very vocal in the matter of religion. He never flaunted his religion by cloaking it or disrespected any other religion.

Irfan always considered humanity above every religion. Today his son Babil has carried forward this thinking of his father. Babil’s answer to the user regarding religion is making headlines among the fans.


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