Combined efforts will make India Glorious


Md Raihan
Jamia Millia Islamia

Once Swami Vivekanand had said that India of the future will be a glorious India and this glorious India will be built by Hindus and Muslims of India together. Swami Vivekanand died in 1902 at the age of 39 when India was still under the British Government. He was a well-read scholar and philosopher. On the basis of what he observed in the last period of 19th century he predicted what India will be in Future. Last two decades of the 19th century were very fruitful for freedom movement. It was this era when people from different parts of the country of different faiths and religions came under one umbrella. They dropped their religious concerns to make India free. Undoubtedly Swami Vivekanand’s prediction is in fact the reflection of that combined struggles made during that time. I personally think that India became glorious first when it got freedom from the British empire in 1947. Although, glory and independence can not be put together as synonyms. But there is deep similarity between these two words when you think linguistically. Synonyms of glory , that you can find easily, may be greatness, dignity, noble, honor, prestige, splendor etc. but You can not find Independence word as synonym of glory in any dictionary (as far as my knowledge is concerned). Look at the meaning of synonyms of glory and at the same time keep in mind the antonyms of Independence. For example take Greatness or dignity as synonyms of glory and slavery as antonym of independence. Now see slavery and greatness together. you can easily get my point. Where there is slavery there is no greatness. In other words you can say no one can be a great or a dignified person being slave. Now you can not deny that Independence and glorious both are same to large extent.

we can not say that by Glorious India Swami Vivekanand meant Independent India. If we think so we will be narrowing it. But of course, it is one the predictions that Swami Vivekananda meant by glorious and all of us know that this glory(Freedom) was achievd by the collective efforts of Hindus and Muslims. Unfortunately after the independence combined efforts were not made to glorify India more. India got freedom but divided also. Many destructive incidents took place and still are taking place within the country. Such incidents have stopped the speed of progress. This happened majorly because in divided India Hindu enjoyed the position of majority community. Muslims, who rejected the two nation theory and decided to live in India, after partion, were not taken then as an asset but as a liability. The worst part of it is that after 71 years of Independence Muslims are still being considered as liability although not by the majority of Our Hindu brothers but still there are large numbers of people who think unnaturally. Like Muslims there are many other small communities who also exist and they have played their role in the nation building. It is worth to quote here British historian Arnold J. Toynbee. He has written in his famous book “A Study of History” that it is always the minorities who play revolutionary role in a country and the muslim minority in India is undoubtedly not an exception.
Unless or untill Muslims and other minorities are given right place and adequate space to play the historical role in nation building(like played in the past) India can never be a glorious country. The Glorious country dreamt by Swami vivekanand. Muslims and Hindus both are like two wheels of a carriage.

They are like two eyes of a beautiful woman. A carriage can not run on one wheel and a woman can not be considered beautiful with one defected eye. The carriage of national progress either will stop or move slowly and it will result in stagnation. The secret of Indian glory is hidden in unity. Unity is the source of progress. Unity in diversity is our identity. we should not destroy it. We can live together without confrontation and clash when we learn that religion and nation both are different things. Religious matters should not be brought on the table where matters of national development are discussed. Our Muslim and Non-Muslim freedom fighters were very practical but they successfully achieved their goal to make India an Independent country. Because they never mingled religion and politics together. They were religious but politically very sound. Later on we neither remained religious nor politically sound. Gradually our efforts were relegated to failure in Independent India. Obviously it was one phase when India politically became a glorious country. But the real glory of India was to achieve after Independence by reconstruting and beautifying the Independent country. Unfortunately we failed to construct the post independence glorious India by keeping minorities aloof and isolated from the main stream. Dream of glorious India will be becoming more elusive if we do not work together for national development keeping away our religious believes and faiths. Now it is the high time to come on the same table as soon as possible to put combined efforts for nation cause. We have energy in terms of large numbers of youth. Let us make a common stage where our energy can be used in right direction.

Note:Md Raihan is a Research Scholar & Delhi based writer 


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