BJP Mocks Muslim Women Voters,Controversial video released

New Delhi:The Karnataka unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party on Saturday tweeted a video of Muslim women holding up their voter identity cards outside a polling booth in Delhi, and told them to “keep the documents safe” for the National Population Register exercise. The warning came despite repeated assurances by the Narendra Modi government that documents would not be required during the National Population Register process.
BJP Karnataka shared a video of Muslim women voters in burqas standing in a polling booth queue to cast their vote in Delhi. The sarcastic caption to the video read,””Kaagaz Nahi Dikayenge Hum”!!! Keep the documents safe, you will need to show them again during #NPR exercise. #DelhiPolls2020″.
Incidentally, the Karnataka BJP’s remark flies in the face of the government’s stated position that NPR enumerators will not ask for any documents for the NPR exercise. As recently as 4 February, a Press Information Bureau release quoted Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Nityanand Rai as saying that “no document is to be collected during the exercise; Aadhaar number is collected voluntarily.” The caption appears to refer to the ‘Kagaz Nahin Dikhaenge’ slogan that has been raised by those protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act. This is also the title of a poem on the same issue by lyricist and comedian Varun Grover. Several people on Twitter pointed out the contradiction between the assertion in the tweet and the government’s stated claim.



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