Chennai’s ‘Bhogi’ in ‘smoggy’ air 10 vehicles collides


At around 7:30 am a accident took place on which a Swift desire rammed into Tata ace due to the thick covering of heavy Smog affecting the visibility. In a attempt to pile up, vehicles behind tried to swerve.

Police informed around 10 vehicles collided in the Chennai-Vellore national highway due to low visibility owing to bhogi celebrations in the state. At least ten people got injuries and are admitted in the hospital nearby.

The pictures show cars and lorries smashed, with broken windshields. Three trucks, a mini-truck and six cars were damaged in the accident.

Chennai witnessed particulate matter levels to 500 micrograms in two locations of the city.

Few flights were also delayed due to smoggy atmosphere which affected visibility.

‘Bhogi’ is the first day of the harvest festival pongal in Tamil nadu. Just like lohri in punjab or J&K Magh bihu in Assam, Gujarat or utrakhand. Which is celebrated with fervour, People light bonfires and this festival is a symbol of letting go of old and heading towards new.

Ahead of the harvest festival, the Chennai International Airport had requested residents who live near the airport to avoid burning objects which create thick smoke in the air.

Central Pollution Control Board’s (CPCB) Sameer App showed that the continuous air quality monitoring station in Manali recording a maximum of 500 micrograms of particulate matter of a size below 2.5 microns (PM2.5), which according to the Air Quality Index (AQI) could cause respiratory problems upon prolonged exposure.

The AQI also recorded an average of 109 microgram/cubic metre in Alandur, 99 microgram/cubic metre in Velachery and 160 microgram/cubic metre at the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board’s (TNPCB) Manali station, much higher than the usual numbers.

Tamil nadu weather blogger Pradeep John tweeted, Chennai topped in having  the most polluted air on Tuesday.

He explained that despite of lighting less bonfires last year the there were less winds that’s why high level of pollution was recorded.

Tamil nadu pollution control urged people of the city to burn less goods and plastics to help in reducing the pollution.


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