Cold war between Nitish & Kushwaha demands ”Shah” entry


Patna:The political tussle between Nitish Kumar and Upendra Kushwaha has taken a new turn after the Rashtriya Lok Samta Party (RLSP) leader said he has been hurt by the Bihar CM’s statement that he was not worthy of a comment.
On Saturday, CM Nitish Kumar had responded curtly to a question from reporters in Patna on Kushwaha’s claim that the chief minister did not want to continue beyond 2020, saying “Baatchit ka star itna neeche mat giraeeye (don’t allow the level of debate to stoop so low).”It prompted the RLSP chief to follow it up on Sunday seeking the status on the DNA report of the JD(U) chief, first raked by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a BJP election rally at Muzaffarpur in July 2015, bringing the two parties face-to-face.
“I am deeply perturbed. The ‘neech’ remark is propping up before me all the time. How can somebody talk like this in politics? This is totally unacceptable,” Kuashwaha said, while reiterating that Kumar had shared his unwillingness to continue as CM on more than one occasion.
On CM remarks Kushwaha, Chief of the Rashtriya Lok Samata Party (RLSP) that is in alliance with JD(U) and BJP in Bihar, said:I am writing to Amit Shah ji to look into the issue and, as the biggest alliance partner of the NDA, immediately convene a meeting for a clarity on the ‘context or content’ of the Bihar CM’s remark.Kushwaha said that he would not relent unless the ambiguity surrounding the issue was cleared. The BJP, the RLSP and the JD(U) are partners in the National Democratic Alliance (NDA).The spat between the two alliance partners seems like it would need the intervention of the BJP for it to be resolved. The BJP hopes that peace will prevail between the two alliance partners, who also happen to be running the 2019 Lok Sabha elections in alliance with the BJP.The ties between the two NDA allies haven’t been too kindly of late. Kushwaha targeted the Nitish Kumar government on it’s education and law and order situation in Bihar.Kushwaha said, “We want the exercise should be done taking into account the growth in our base. As for the issue of sharing loss (for accommodating the new ally), it does not gel with the selective denial in the distribution of rewards (in terms of ministerial berth in Bihar).


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