Coronavirus :celebrities some aware some cause for the spread


The coronavirus is now rising very fast and since to avoid the condition from getting worse. People are in quarantine spreading awareness.

Manu Bollywood celebrities have come up with their video messages for making people know the seriousness of the issue and how this disease not a joke. So, avoid social distancing since any big releases of the movies have been postponed amid the coronavirus.

Kartik Aryan the Bollywood actor has made an effort in this own way to reach out to people and make them aware of this COVID-19. On this social networking sites, he has shared the message and stands with Janata curfew.

Virat kholi and his wife Bollywood actress Anushka sharma has also appealed in their way to the citizens to be safe and stay at home.

Amitabh bhachan, aliabhatt and many more.

A writer, author Ravinder singh.


Posted by Ravinder Singh on Saturday, March 21, 2020

Whereas there is also celebrities like kanika kapoor who hide her travel history and attended a party in which high profile people were present and she was diagnosed positive with COVID-19. Yesterday through her Instagram she confirms it.

The singer Kanika kapoor who was tested positive for COVID19, stayed at Taj Hotel in Lucknow and attended several functions in the city, booked for negligence by Uttar Pradesh police.

File photo/ Kanika kapoor

Now the people in the party which came in contact of the singer are kept in isolation. Some MPs like Dushyant singh who attended the party. It’s said after the party MP Dushyant singh visited Parliament and because of that around 96 MPs are under observation. As per reports.



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