Coronavirus : Janata curfew to be observed tomorrow, cases rises to 298 in India


The total number of positive cases of COVID19 in India now stands at 298 with four deaths (one each) in Delhi, Karnataka, Punjab and Maharashtra: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

The ministry of health shows concern and asks the citizens to maintain social distancing and frequent washing hands with soaps and water to stay protected.

The ministry has shared the helpline numbers so that people can ask any queries related to diseases.– website to the health ministry for keeping updated with the precautions and cure.

For avoiding any panic and sharing correct information. PM Modi shares the effort by whtsaap and @mygovindia to ensure you recieve accurate and verified information on coronavirus.

Please click on this link or send Hi on +919013151515.

Tomorrow on 22nd March, Janata curfew will be observed all over India from 7am to 9pm. Urging the citizens to stay indoors for 114 hours. The main aim against the coronavirus which is supposed as a fight against the COVID-19.


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