COVID-19 has peaked in India, can be controlled by February:Govt.


New Delhi: A government-appointed panel on Sunday said initial coronavirus-induced lockdown saved large number of lives and avoided creating widespread panic.The ‘Covid-19 India National Supermodel’ committee led by Professor M Vidyasagar (IIT Hyderabad) made the finding in its study titled ‘Progression of the Covid-19 pandemic in India: Prognosis and Lockdown Impacts’.

No fresh lockdowns should be imposed on district or State level to contain the spread of COVID-19 unless there is an imminent danger of healthcare facilities being overwhelmed, according to a government-appointed committee chaired by IIT Hyderabad professor M. Vidyasagar.Since August 8, India has been logging the highest figures worldwide in the daily spike in cases. Today, in a first in nearly two months, the US had the higher figure.The panel –which has members of the Indian Council of Medical Research and IITs — said if safety measures are properly followed, the virus can be brought under control by “early next year, with minimal active cases by February end”.

The total number of infections by the time the epidemic reaches its slowest point, could be about 105 lakh (10.5 million), the panel said. The current figure is 75 lakh.But alongside the reducing number of cases, pushing the US total ahead of India, there has been a spike in the number of fatalities. Over the last 24 hours, the country also reported 1,033 deaths linked to the virus, taking the total number of fatalities to 1,14,031.


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