DDC Reviews Restoration Post-Hailstorm, Cloudburst


Rajouri:- District Development Commissioner, Dr Shahid Iqbal Choudhary reviewed the status of assessment of losses inflicted to crops and private property in Thanamandi due to Hailstorm and cloudburst for early approval of compensation, and status of restoration of public infrastructure.

ACR Abdul Qayoom Mir, SDM Thanamandi Afzal Mirza, ExEn PWD Mushtaq Raina, ExEn PMGSY Zubair Ahmed, ExEn PDD Munshi Khan, ExEn I&FC, CHO, CAO, DSHO, Tehsildar, BDO and officials of other departments attended the meeting.

It is pertinent to mention here that instant relief and compensation was paid to 10 families for loss of livestock within a day. The authorities were pressed into action for assessment of losses to crops, orchards, livestock, farm land and public infrastructure enabling early restoration work.

Chief Agriculture Officer M Y Choudhary reported 100% loss to crop area of 475 Ha (Wheat growing), 961 Ha (Maize), 10.35 Ha (Paddy), 371 Ha (Vegetables) and 102 Ha (Fodder). It was decided that apart from loanee farmers covered under insurance District Administration will release compensation as per assessment of committee.

DSHO Dr Romesh Manhas intimated loss of a total of 169 sheep and goats of 21 farmers while DSHO Dr D B Singh informed about loss of 9 large animals and 500 poultry birds due to hailstorm. Likewise, 3 fish ponds were damaged where entire stock of fishes was lost.

The DDC reviewed the restoration of vital supplies and infrastructure and directed the departments for early completion of works involving roads and lanes. It was informed that power supply has been restored however a damage of infrastructure worth Rs 14.50 Lakh was reported. PWD and PMGSY were also asked for early completion of restoration work. SDM was directed to put in public domain the loss assessment and compensation recommended by the inter-departmental committee by 18th May 2018.

The committee of officers presented a resume of massive damages in villages Panghai, Shahdra, Majhoor, Hasplote, Thanamandi, Alal, Karyote, Azmatabad, Manyal, Baroon, Khanyalkote, Dhoke, Mangota, Chhurang, Rajdhani, Totamorah and Khablan. Moreover, damages were also reported in Kalkote villages viz Taryath, Khabbar, Harichumma, Mathiani, Treru, Jangrial, Malorian and in several villages of Darhal tehsil.


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