Written By:- Chowdhary Rabiya Shafiq

Man as a social animal faces many obstacles which threaten his prosperous and peaceful existence on this earth. On one hand the whole world is facing the problems of atomic and nuclear weapons which are spreading rapidly across the world, and also the international economical and political problems. At the same time drug addiction a slow poisoning is posing a threat for the survival of man on this earth. A number of countries are worried how to curb this menace. Not only of the developed nations but also the developing nations are facing with it. About more than 100 member nations of the U.N.O signed this treaty declaring their resolve to be the war path against the use, trade and cultivating of drugs which are harmful to the survival of mankind.
It is such a curse that it harms the society. It doesn’t only affect the uneducated but also the educated masses are addictives. In our country mainly students in the educational institutes are drug addicts. Educated youth, the builders of the nations have fallen victim to this evil. The hostels and educational institutions are the places where harmful drugs are being sold and used. Educated youth and people who are believed to guide the nation to a proper way will be in such conditions that they will become dependents and pitiable parasite! Drug addicts create serious problems for their guardians as well as for the society. They commit theft and other crimes to get money so that they could buy the drugs and ultimately fall prey to different disease such as asthma and other lung and throat problems, intestinal diseases mouth and tongue cancer, darkening of lips and teeth and stomach ulcer, prolonged use of drug leads to neuro-disorders also. For drug addicts the vast and beautiful earth becomes a small closet where in they feel compelled to commit suicide. It is a well known proverb- ‘smile and the world smiles with you weep and the world weeps with you’. Knowing the importance of this menace the government should give priority to devise ways and means of checking this curse. If the situation is over-looked it implies national suicide. Besides govt. agencies social, religious and voluntary agencies should come forward and launch a determined campaign for the removal of this evil. For a Muslim it is strictly prohibited in Islam to trade, use and cultivation of such harmful drug. People also should co-operate the govt. and other agencies for the removal of this evil, prevailing at present. Since the educational institutions are effected badly, so it is the duty of teachers also to strive to inculcate moral and ethical values among the students. Not only the above mentioned agencies it is also the duty of people in general to raise their voice against use and trading in drugs. We should raise a three-prolonged attack against its cultivation, manufacture and sale of such harmful drugs.
It is a well known proverb, that we should hate the sin, not the sinner. Those people who have fallen victim to such harmful drugs need our Sympathy more than this empathy, love and affection. …!!!


CHOWDHARY RABIYA SHAFIQ : The author is a first female Journalist, Social Activist and Entreprenuer from Peer Panjal Region who is a founder member of Valley Online, also running Taja Coachings and Northern Defence Academy in Rajouri district. For her Reports from far flung areas of Union Territory of J&K 'Video Volunteers' in 2017 awarded her Best MoJo (Mobile Journalism) Video Award and 'Christain Women Welfare Organisation' in 2019 awarded her Salute Award for her work in the field of Journalism.

She has done tremendous and commendable job for the society since 2012. You can come in contact with her rabiyashafiq95@gmail.com


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