Written by :- Chowdhary Rabiya Shafiq

There are various ways of fighting pests at home. Pest at home are mostly killed or dragged out by the use of pesticides, which are also harmful to man and his domesticated animals. So, there is a great need to invent such pesticides which are Eco-friendly. Keeping in view the hazards of pesticides, the international institute of Rural Reconstruction (IRR) in Philippines has prepared harmless pesticides for home gardens from the recipes as follows :-

TOBACCO :- Place tobacco leaves, stems and dust in a container, add boiling water and cover it. After 3-4 hours, dilute with four time of water and spray on plants. It kills all insects. It is however used sparingly.

TOMATO :- Boil stems and leaves and then cool. This is very effective as a long term spray and is used against flies and caterpillars.

RED PEPPER :- Sprinkle carefully and very liberally the fine powder of red pepper on plants as a general repellent.

KEROSENE And SOAP :- Make a mixture of a quarter cup of soap powder with a quarter table spoon of kerosene with one litre of water. It is used as a spray against serious insect infestation.

CUSTARD APPLE SEEDS :- Grind the seeds, mix with water and use it against aphid’s, ants and other insects in the form of spray.

WOOD ASH :- A mixture of wood ash and water combats flea and beetles . Fresh ash spreads around plant root is effective against root maggots. A mixture of equal amounts of wood also powdered lime and soapy water is effective against cucumber beetles.

GARLIC, ONION and PEPPER :- Crush and boil some onion for few minutes with garlic and red pepper. Grind and blend the mixture and then dilute with water. It is used as a spray against a number of pests as a very effective repellent.

To conclude, truly Bio-Degradable materials should be developed in future to avert soil and other allied pollution. However, Successful control schemes to prevent soil pollution will save the life of living biota from its hazardous effect and will protect the natural Eco system.

Keeping in view the harmful effects of chemical pesticides on living community their replacement by Eco-friendly pesticides and techniques should be encouraged and the use of harmful chemical pesticides like DDT, DDD, Eldrin, Parethion, Boygon BHC etc. should be completely banned.

This article is penned by CHOWDHARY RABIYA SHAFIQ who is a first Female Journalist , Social Activist and Entreprenuer from Peer Panjal Region. She can be contacted at


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