Written By :- Chowdhary Rabiya Shafiq

Life is a responsible; so respect it as a responsible person. Please don’t play with it by taking to smoking which is surely a silent killer. The most important thing in the world is to appreciate what we have – until we lose it. I believe that life has innumerable things to offer us, whether pleasant or unpleasant. In this present day competitive and materialistic world each one of us is struggling to survive and succeed. It’s only a matter of time that we realize how important good health is to us. There are already plenty of factors present in the environment to affect our health adversely; no need to add some bad habits too.

Cigarette smoking is the great concern of the health specialists.

A cigarette very clearly causes addiction to its user as the right amount of nicotine is present in it. Tobacco has been categorized as the psychotropic substance. Generally smoking affects respiratory tract, heart, digestive tract and the nervous system. The tobacco companies promote their products by sponsoring various sporting events like cricket, racing, athletes etc. thereby attracting the young and curious minds of the youngsters. They are aware of the addictive nature of their products but that is their business! What perturbs as well as amuses me is the fact that the government gives a statutory warning (cigarette smoking is injurious to health) on the cover of the cigarette packs, which is generally read only after ones buying a pack.

Reports have confirmed that this menace is growing more in the developing and under developed countries. This is so because the tobacco companies face many restrictions in the advanced countries like USA, France, etc. Their strategy is to target the youth and women of the third world countries. China is the main target as it represents a large chunk of smokers out of the total of about 2 billion smoker on the global level. More than 60% of the men in Asia are smokers, resulting in millions of women and children being exposed to passive smoking. A smoker is believed to inhale only 15% of the smoke as the rest is dispersed into the air around him. Regular passive smoking increases the risk of myocardial infarction (heart attack) at the rate of 91%. Smokers do not only endanger their own lives but also the lives of other people around them. Though uncommon in our society, women too are increasingly becoming smokers. Maternal smoking adversely affects infants, causing respiratory tract infections in them. There is 30% increase in the prenatal morality risk due to smoking. Children exposed to passive smoking have greater chances of developing a disease namely otitis media.

Gain from the sale of tobacco products may bring some short-terms rewards but in the long run, when the cost of treating the diseases caused by them is taken into consideration, it definitely proves to be unprofitable. We have to realize the grave consequences of smoking. Experts believe that nicotine, alcohol and drug addiction should be treated alike as all of them effect the brain. To prevent life from the health hazards in future, steps have to be taken now. It is an English proverb that desperate disease required desperate remedies. To overcome this problem.

There should be proper implementation of the ban on public smoking introduced by the government.
Ban should also be implemented on the sales and marketing of these products to tackle this menace.
Tobacco, Cigarette, Promotional advertisements through Films, Campaigns must not be encouraged.
Anti-smoking programmers’, symposium, seminars etc, need to be conducted to generate mass awareness.

The government can play its part through the mean of education, legislation and taxation; high excise duty should be imposed on the tobacco products.
Counseling should be an integral part of the de-addiction programs.
Parents, guardian, teachers and social workers have to play a very important role in it.
The media, whether print or electronic has ample scope to play an important role in educating and informing the masses about this issues.

But Alas! Who will come out for a good cause: You or Me ? or we will always remain waiting for others to come up …???

The Author is a First Female Journalist , Social Activist and Entreprenuer from Peer Panjal Region who has done a very marvellous job for the society since 2012 . She can be reached at rabiyashafiq95@gmail.com


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