Written by Chowdhary Rabiya Shafiq

Our thoughts and feelings work on the body to produce symptoms. Such symptoms are not imaginary although they come through the working of the mind. It means that worry and anxiety can interfere sufficiently with the normal functioning of the body. Such type of interference may cause some health problems like headache, constipation of mind, laziness, indigestion, heart disease and like allergic illnesses such as hay fever and asthma occur more frequently.

When joyful, we want to dance, to jump to use the body to its full extent and we breathe deeply. Depression has the opposite effects. We let the body slump, the muscles are relaxed, the heart beats are slow, the circulation of blood is sluggish, we do not bother to breathe properly, so that they lungs are insufficiently ventilated. It is important to note here that although the internal organs also respond to emotions, they are not directly under ones control. But the body muscles are under voluntary control, and we can do alot with them to counteract the effects of depression because the mind body connections work in both ways.

The right way out then would be to not let depression have its way through. Rather triumph over it by being optimistic towards everyday’s happening and taking on the negative thoughts. Stand erect, relax the facial muscles, move with a swing, step out boldly and purposefully. After sometime we will find that the trick works. The laughter we had forced comes more readily to us. Our squared shoulders make us feel we are ready to face anything. Our deep breathe make us realize that life is still good and we look around for opportunities to prove it. Such a change will reduce our examination stresses and depression. It will help us to overcome physical pain and bring back the ability to learn and remember.

Just as a depressed person can benefit by straightening his shoulders and stepping out boldly, so does the sufferer from inferiority benefit when he determines to take part in social life in spite of what he feels to be his handicaps. He can strengthen the muscles of his personality by driving himself against his morbid inclination to remain aloof. Knowing very little about other people, he assumes that they are of superior clay and do by instinct what he fancies to be impossible for himself. He is typical example of the man who will not get into the water because he has not learnt how to swim and he will stay out forever unless he is pushed or gives himself a push. If we have been in poor health, tell ourselves every night that we will feel better the next morning. If we are down-hearted then pretend with every fiber of our being that all is well with us. At the worst we will be better than if we let misfortunes weigh us down.

Remember just don’t sink in the mood of depression. Else we will be drowned. Give a jerk to our mind and show it that we can control it for we are above the mind- its master.
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