Importance of Time

Md Raihan
Jamia Millia Islamia
Everyday, we observe the Sun rising in the East and setting in the West resulting in day and night. Apart from the Sun there are many other planets and satellites which rotate on their axis and revolve around each other without clashing with anyone of them. It is not a common phenomenon simply to be ignored. Have we ever imagined, what will happen when the Sun stops rising? Think of the day when the Sun suddenly changes its direction. Have we ever calculated, how much disasterous it would be when any of the planets stops rotating only for a minute. In the system of nature everything has a time table. Had we ever ruminated on this point, it would have been cleared to us. There is a fixed time for every planet. If there is any delay in its function the Universe will be affected adversely. In the destruction of the Universe “Time Factor” will always be counted . The Universe in which we exist is still undamaged because everything is running smoothly and on time. Taking lesson from the nature’s system we as a human being should implement this principle of time adherence in our daily life. By making celestial bodies time-adherent our Creator in fact wanted us to know the importance of time. If we do not make it our habit to wake up daily on time, we will surely destroy ourselves. If there is no discipline in our life then undoubtedly we will spend a scattered life which will not be fruitful to anyone. Our life will be labelled as the life of failure. Success and failure depends on to understand and not to understand the importance of time. Time is irreversible that is why it becomes most important to us. No matter how much money we have, we can never get it back once it is gone. It is said about time:
“If one moment gone you can never retreat that one moment back again even if you are ready to spend wealth of the world.”
When I was a child my uncle Mr Inamul Haque Khan used to recite a quotaton ” I do not remember days I remember moments” in front of all cousins. We all would say “Bade Abbu ko bhi Angrezi aati he” in chorus. That was the time when we (Cousins) were in the process of learning so it might have been just a quotaion then, but today we have reached the level of comprehension where we read the untold message.  That is why, when I sat down to write this article on the importance of time the above line came under my pen unintentionally. Every moment of our life is priceless and we should be careful of it. Each day, our precious moments are lost noticingly or unnoticingly. When we save our seconds we save our minutes. Our minutes save our hours and hours save our days. Saving one moment successfully means moving one step towards goal successfully. Always remember, time is a vehicle which has no reverse gear. It always moves forward. Time has no brake system also that we can apply to stop it for a moment.
Now one may pose a question here. What is the right use of time or how can it be used rightly? Time will never be taken as an asset unless or untill we have goal in our life. We have to make our life purposeful. Life with a goal makes us understand that time is an asset. The life which has no aim in its box has no value of time. Directionless man goes nowhere even if he drives at high speed. Set a goal first, time will be used rightly. We see many people loaffering around. They are happy at the thought that one day passed anyhow.  People with aim in their life spend their time only in the direction which minimizes the distance of the goal. Without setting a goal there is not any other possible way to use time in the right direction. When our goal is fixed in our mind then we refrain ourselves to be engaged from all unnecessary activities which pull our legs from reaching the fixed destination. It is all about the goal which enables us to learn the art of using time. It is our goal which makes us brave to say “No” to every call which knocks at our door to distract us. The right use of time is to know what we have to do and what not to do. Let our goals lead our life.
We are familiar with Russian writer and noble laureate “Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn” One of his best novels is “Cancer Ward” He has described the pain and woe of his countrymen in symbolic manner almost in his all major works. He was forced to leave his country because his pen did not pour the ink according to the Government. He moved to America and continued exposing the tyranny of the government. It was his passion and goal of his life. Once he was invited at the White House to participate in a program organized in his honor. He denied to attend the program saying ” The life span at my disposal does not leave anytime for symbolic encounters”.
See, on the one hand a man who has purpose in his life rejects the invitation,  on the other, we people have ample of time to waste it straying like a street dog. We have no purpose in our life that is why wandering becomes our purpose. .
Let’s make our life purposeful. Remember! what we are going to lose today we will not get it back again.


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