Iraqi forces open fire,more than a dozen killed in Karbala

Demonstrators run after Iraqi security forces fired tear gas during a protest over corruption, lack of jobs, and poor services, in Baghdad, Iraq October 28, 2019. REUTERS/Thaier Al-Sudani

IRAQ: At least 14 people were killed and 865 wounded overnight after Iraqi security forces opened fire on protesters in the Shi’ite holy city of Kerbala, medical and security sources told Reuters on Tuesday.The protests, leaderless and largely spontaneous, have been met with bullets and tear gas from the first day.Iraq’s security forces fired live ammunition early on Tuesday to disperse an anti-government demonstration in the southern holy city of Karbala, killing at least 14 protesters and wounding hundreds of others, medical sources said.

But Karbala’s police chief denied in a statement that any protesters had been killed and said only one person died in an unrelated criminal incident, calling footage of security forces shooting at protesters on social media fabricated and designed to “incite the street”.
Security officials said the violence happened in Karbala’s Education Square, about two kilometres (1.2 miles) from the Imam Hussain Shrine, where demonstrators set up tents for their sit-in.


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