It was wrong to impose lockdown suddenly:CM Thackeray


New Delhi :Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Sunday said it was wrong to impose the lockdown suddenly and now it cannot be lifted all at once.“It was wrong to impose the lockdown suddenly. It will be equally wrong to lift it in one go. It will be a double whammy for our own people,” he said in a televised message.Amid the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Maharashtra, Thackeray also said there was a need to be extra cautious during the upcoming monsoon.”We will have to study the situation carefully before moving ahead. The coming weeks are critical as the spread of coronavirus is increasing. People must exercise extreme precautions during monsoon,” he said.

“I spoke to the Aviation minister (Hardeep Singh Puri) . I understand the need for opening up air travel, but we need more time to prepare,” Uddhav Thackeray said during an address to the people of the state.For now, the state will just continue to operate special flights including international transfer passengers, medical emergencies, for students, and others on compassionate grounds.The Chief Minister also said he wants the Mumbai airport to fine tune its operations and come up with a plan.The next 15 days would be crucial, the Chief Minister said. “A lot of movement of people is expected, anticipating more cases as well. So things can open up only gradually. We won’t lift lockdown now. We can’t say that lockdown will be over by May 31… Need to be extra cautious during monsoon,” he added.

Thackeray cautioned against the rise in Covid-19 in the state and said that the administration is preparing and creating hospital infrastructure for an increase in load of Covid-19 cases.“By the end of May, we will make 14,000 beds available, currently we have already created around 7,000 beds including 3,000 in our field hospitals,” he said. The chief minister also cautioned against the approaching monsoon season which is likely to trigger a host of related ailments and seasonal infections.


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