Jammu and kashmir : PSOs, police vehicles withdrawn from politicians, bureaucrats, uncategorized persons


Jammu and Kashmir Police has withdrawn about 850 Personal Security Officers and 160 vehicles from the politicians, retired and serving bureaucrats and uncategorized persons, which were deployed on extremely unjustifiable grounds thereby putting an end to the big drain on the exchequer.

In a number of cases it came to the fore that PSOs more than the justified entitlement were obtained by exerting political pressure with the sole objective of utilizing their services for domestic purposes.

But lot of politicians with no portfolios are still residing in the govt hired accomodations causing a loss of lacs per monthto Govt.

Pertinent to mention here that lot had been served notices to vacate the govt accomodations but see their dignity still not bothered to vacate the Govt accomodations speaks of the so called honesty of the concerned politicians.


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