Janata curfew : citizens all energetic, PM thanks them for patience


Janata curfew proposed by PM Narendra Modi to curb the spread of COVID-19. Requesting every citizen of India to stay indoors and avoid any outing even to the market etc. Resulting in shutdown of all businesses and transportation all across the nation.

PM Modi proposed it which starts from 7am and ends at 9pm.

As the clock strike 5pm every citizen came to their balconies, terrace or windows of houses and clap and beat ‘thallis’ with spoon to express gratitude to those providing essential services during this crisis. In many places, conch shells sounded as people milled around.

India woke up to empty roads and streets on Sunday ‘Janata curfew’.

PM Modi thanked people of India in a series of tweets for adhering to his call but also warned against any celebration when it came to an end on 9 pm night.

He said, don’t treat it as an success. This is the beginning of long battle.

Union health minister Harsh vardhan warned that anti-social elements were spreading misinformation that after Janata curfew ends, virus will be washed away. This is false & an attempt to mislead the public.



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