KASHMIR : Peace Revolution ?

If people of Jammu and Kashmir work for peace and speak with one voice, no country big or small can dare interference

Written By ;- Chowdhary Rabiya Shafiq

It can be said that “Peace is the secret of happiness”. So the way of happiness lies in having an aptitude for peace. Everybody is not born with that aptitude, but it can be developed and attained through the training of mind and constantly reminding it about the positive aspects of life. One incident can be interpreted both positively and negatively as per the attitude of the person. The former is bound to be happy, the latter cannot escape melancholy.

There is no doubt that peace always serves the mankind and is helpful in his survival. However, the world of today is torn with wars and ideological conflicts. We hear of confrontations and conflicts between nations, groups, religions and people.

Most of this violence, terrorism and lawlessness are because of negative thinking and negative attitude of people. Illiteracy, lack of ethics, corruption and enmity based on cast, religion and race are some of the reasons which are responsible for negativity. Billions of dollars are annually spent by the big powers for improving the standard and efficiency of arms and maintenance of force. This can be called, “a necessary evil”.

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How can we solve tangles of the modern world?

We should not answer violence by violence. We should love those who hate us. We should refuse to fight with those who intent to fight us. If one withdraws, the other side has to withdraw. Withdrawal is no cowardice but maturity and wisdom. We need the Gandhian way, the way of detachment from self the way of selfless saints to save the world from damnation. We need people who are not prejudiced and jaundiced or biased. People who are free and objective can save the world from disaster. We should have spiritual force, the force born out of non violence. We should succeed in defeating the most powerful nations with the weapons of non violence, it is then we can help the world to progress fast. The people of England were patriots and stood in solidarity and peace for their country. They were able to establish such a vast empire over which the sun never set.

In case of Kashmir, if all the people of the state work for peace and speak with one voice, no country big or small can dare interference.

If there is peace great efforts can be made to spread education, to bring about social equality and justice to make available medical aid to all, to increase life expectancy to ameliorate the lot of women, rural masses, minorities, and the handicapped, to curb population,  growth to revolutionize but only peace can foster all this. Let us appreciate unity in diversity and respect people of all religions, caste and economic classes. Let us work for better health and education for all, and work together to make the policy of peace stronger.

We should not forget the fact that almighty is the creator of this one universe. He has created all kinds of creatures in this world. They are all supposed to live in peace and harmony. Man is the crown of all creatures. At least, he should learn and follow the policy of universal love, peace and brotherhood. The policy of “Live and let live” is the due need of the time. Man should learn how to live in peace. To redress grievances of different nations, we have the United Nations. The letter should be given more powers to become more effective in ensuring world peace. Isaac Asimov has rightly said “Our lifetime may be the last that will be lived out in a technological society”…!!!


Author is a first female Journalist and Social Activist from Rajouri, She is a founder member of “Valley Online” and also work with “Video Volunteers” as Community Correspondent and is an Anchor for “Alternate Kashmir” beside this she is working with some NGO’s as District Volunteers Head at “Aakaar India” and Vice President at JKSWA. She continously Reports from Far Flung areas of Rajouri, In 2017 “Video Volunteers” Awarded her as Best Mobile Journalism (MoJo) award for her Reports. She has done tremendous and commendable job for the society since 2014.

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