Kathua minor rape case should be seen in larger context : Talib Hussain


Some elements are working to communalize the issue and to displace the tribal people residing in the area.

Jammu:- A 7 year old tribal girl named Asifa had gone missing in Kathua and her body was recovered on 17th January 2018 from Rassana Forests. The minor girl was brutally raped, drugged and then murdered. Police has formed the Special Investigation Team and arrested a juvenile as accused. But later , it came to surface that an SPO (Special Police Officer) named Deepak Khajuria was involved in the incident who was also the part of SIT and he was investigating the incident. Later police arrested the accused policeman. But after his arrest, many people under the banner of Hindu Kranti Dal and demanded the release of Deepak Khajuria saying that he was innocent and was implicated by police. Shockingly the protesters were holding Indian National Flag and one of the senior leaders of BJP was leading the protests.

From the beginning civil society and some NGOs have been protesting against this heinous crime of rape and murder of minor and have been demanding justice for Asifa. One of the activists who were leading the movement was Talib Husaain. Mr. Talib is an activist working among the Gujjar-Bakarwal tribe in the area. He spoke exclusively with Indiaheadlines.in and said that the incident should be seen in larger context and as a conspiracy to displace the tribal people leaving in the area.

According to him justice has not been done in the case, and the struggle will continue till the culprits are not brought to justice.

“Kathua Police is working under the political pressure from the beginning, MLA Heera Nagar and higher authorities including ministers belonging to BJP are involved in this incident. The rape and murder of the minor girl was perpetrated to terrorize the Gujjar Tribal community of area” Said Mr. Talib.

He added that “people belonging to RSS and other extremist Hindu organizations like Hindu Ekta Manch are planning to make Jammu the next Gujrat by creating communal polarization among communities. They are particularly targeting the economy of Muslims in Jammu, Kathua and Samba systemically”.

In a protest a local youth Yaqoob was killed in police firing, FIR was lodged against the SHO and subsequently the said police officer was suspended. But Mr. Talib alleged that the SHO remain suspended for some days and later he was rewarded with prize posting, he further allaged that police is working under Sangh and in all the incidents; Muslims youths are being implicated and slapped with PSA (Public Safety Act).

Condemning the role of media in the said rape incident, he alleged that most of the mainstream media failed in discharging its duty of fair reporting. Comparing the coverage of the rape and murder of Pakistani minor girl Zainab by Indian media he said that that incident was covered more widely by Indian media but this incident of Kathua was ignored.

When asked about the further course of action he said that “we have filed petition in Jammu High court and the honourable High Court has already directed the SIT to expedite the investigation and present status report to honourable high court on daily basis. All tribal coordination committee will keep fighting till culprit are not brought to justice”



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