Written By :- Chowdhary Rabiya Shafiq

Even though the valley is reeling under unemployment, it has proved similar to Dubai, Kuwait for workers from outside to earn their livelihood successfully.

The barbers, masons, laborers, molvis and others coming from outside are giving a tough competition to those from the valley itself.

This competition has made it difficult for Kashmiri to earn their livelihood feels local people because the factor of availability of labor from outside has slashed the labor rate down.
The Kashmiri workers claim that although the people from outside lack in skill, still they are in demand.

The outsiders say that they have been successful in making their roots inside the valley strong and earn their livelihood nicely by their hard work and honesty.

The Kashmiri barbers have been particularly beleaguered by barbers from outside the valley.

‘We have been able to beat the Kashmiri barbers by presentation’, say Khurshid Ahmed from Uttar Pradesh.

‘local Kashmiri barber don’t maintain their shops well’ ‘we decorate our shops and keep available newspapers and magazines in our shops and also play modern music on desks’ adds khurshid.

‘The laborers from outside the state have made it difficult for us to work in our capacity. They make us to work for more time than we did before’, said Manzoor Ahmad; a Kashmiri labourer.

On the other hand, the outsiders say that it is their poverty, which has compelled them to come to the valley.

They also say that they work harder than Kashmiri labourers. ‘we don’t take a long lunch break, we don’t take for tea and tobacco from our employees and we are always polite with employers that is why we have been more successful than kashmiri labourer says Afzal, a labour from Bihar while talking to Valley Online.

The outsiders argue that kashmiris are egoists and are not comfortable with manual work and that is why they are in demand.

They also ask that if kashmiris work outside the valley why are not the outsiders welcome here?

‘No doubt we work here in considerable number the valley people also work outside the valley Although their number in less says Yousuf ; a labourer from Bihar.

The Molvis from outside have also been successful to denote their seats in mosques.

They are increasing in number very rapidly.

‘It is not fare to have the imam whom you don’t know or whose character is hidden to you’ says Abdul Salaam; a local Kashmiri.

The beggars from outside J&K are seen frequently in almost all the areas in Srinagar.

Their considerable number lies in posh lal chowk. It is also believed that a good number of people who polish shoes have not polluted the atmosphere by their eating and living habits but their female folk indulge in prostitution and their children are seen begging on the streets and main petrol pumps of Srinagar.

One witnessed these rag clad families having occupied the famous bund area.

A couple of years before police had to start a strong drive to remove this misance from the area to the outskirts of Srinagar after receiving the compliant of various illegal trades by these people.
These outsider beggars have created a great problems for pedestrians as they don’t leave the person they catch unless they receive money from him/her’ says Mehraj a Shopkeeper.

The presence of these beggars has become a menace particularly for the people of Srinagar city.

They too are giving tough fight to Kashmiri beggars.

While the presence of outsiders who work as barbers and labourers in welcome to some extent the beggar have created a mess out of Srinagar city.
There are reports that the areas where these beggars reside have become den of crime like drug trafficking and other trades.

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