Love is Healing

Written By:- Chowdhary Rabiya Shafiq

Do the things you really want to do, don’t wait for circumstances to be exactly right, when your demon says nothing, he usually means no. No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself“.

Every human being on this earth faces a constant problem; how to make the most of life. There is not simple solution; the art of living is the most difficult of all the arts.

No men ever lived who did not feel at time that he was condemned to go through life handcuffed to a stranger. That stranger is himself, the mysterious and unpredictable companion with whom he must share every thought, very emotion every experience. Clearly, then if this inevitable partnership is to succeed a man must know how to live on good terms with himself, how to manage and control and sometimes improve himself.

Make it Thy Business to know thyself.

Servants said this is the most difficult lesson in the world. 

Science has discovered the power of love.

Psychiatrists have concluded that the great taproot of mental ills is lovelessness.

Child Psychologists wrangling our scheduled versus demand feeling, spanking versus non-spanking has found that under none of it makes much difference so long as the child is loved.

The sociologists have found love the answer of delinquency.

The criminologists have found it the answer to crime.”

Love might be called the soil in which loved one grows. It enriches him without limiting or restricting him. Love is basically a ‘giving’ operation though we often think it as ‘taking’. “The love of a person”, says Dr. Harry, “Does not imply the possession of that person, it means granting him gladly the full right of his unique human hood. 

One does not truly love yet seeks to enslave by bonds of dependency or possessiveness”. Dr. Enrich puts it this way, “To love a person implies caring for and feeling responsible for his life for the growth and development of all in human powers”.

In institutions which deal with human relations. Love is being used more and more as a medicine. At the Menouger Clinic in Topeka, in the treatment of mental illness one of the standard prescriptions used by the physician was “Love Unsolicited”.

The discovery of love as a cure has also shown that self love is good that we must love ourselves, if we expect to be able to love others. To the degree that we hate ourselves or others we are emotionally ill; our ability to love has become thwarted. 

Dr. George Brock (WHO first Director General) has recognized that our global future depends upon the number of mature individuals we can produce, people capable of love, capable of approaching the problems of our changing world as “Love people Not Have People” …!!!

Chowdhary Rabiya Shafiq is a Journalist, Social Activist, Entreprenuer and is actice since 2012. She can be reached at email:


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