Modi & Mamta:Speed breaker Didi Vs Expiry PM


New Delhi:The Indian airstrike in Pakistan’s Balakot hurt West Bengal chief minister and Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee more than those in Pakistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleged in a public rally in Bengal on Wednesday.Launching a scathing attack on her and the leaders of the grand alliance opposing him, Modi said, “We hit there (Balakot) but it hurt people here. Kolkata’s Didi was more pained than people in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. We hit them entering their territory but Didi did not like it. Not only she, but all other leaders of the mahagathbandhan (were hurt). They shouted so much that they become heroes in Pakistan.PM Modi hit out at Ms Banerjee and her government over the chit fund cases in the state and development policies. He said Ms Banerjee has to go to make way for the betterment of the state.

The Prime Minister also attacked Ms Banerjee for pulling out of the central health scheme, Ayushman Bharat. “We told the poor that in case of sickness, they will be treated free of cost upto Rs. 5 lakh at hospitals and that they won’t have to spend a single penny. But what has the speed breaker didi done? She has put a break on this scheme that can benefit the poor,” PM Modi said.
PM Modi addressed another rally in Kolkata this evening where he attacked the Congress and Trinamool.Mamata Banerjee has brought her campaign schedule forward by a day so she could respond to PM Modi soon right after he speaks. The Chief Minister was expected to launch her poll campaign in Cooch Behar in north Bengal on Thursday. Instead, the rally will be held today. The timing has been coordinated so that Ms Banerjee can begin as soon as PM Modi finishes his address in Kolkata.West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Wednesday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi describing him as “Expiry Babu”, and strongly contested his allegations against her as being a ‘speed breaker’ in the path of state’s development.

Claiming that her government in West Bengal has done a lot for the welfare of the people of the state, Banerjee told a public rally here in Cooch Behar district that income of farmers in Bengal has increased three times under her rule. Mocking Prime Minister Modi as “Expiry Babu” and “Expiry PM”, Banerjee dared him to participate in a direct debate with her in television or at a public rally.
“I am not Modi, I don’t tell lies,” she said, alleging that the PM has made false claims about the performance of the TMC government in West Bengal. She claimed that 12,000 farmers committed suicide during Modi rule in the country.


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