New Turn in Nirav Modi case,here is details


Mumbai: Mumbai’s famous ‘Elephant Parade’ at Worli Sea face, witnessed a unique elephant structure of absconding diamond businessman Nirav Modi.A traction of crowd gathered to witness the biggest ‘Elephant Parade’ with “Save the elephant species” being the main message.The parade showcases many kinds of elephant statues on display.Amidst the showcase of numerous elephant structure, a special ‘Nirav Modi Elephant’ is grabbing eyeballs. The elephant has been names ‘Ratnaraj’.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis inaugurated the first edition of the Elephant Parade India, where 101 elephant sculptures by designers are on display at the Gateway of India in Mumbai.The London edition of the Elephant Parade in 2010 became its biggest public art exhibition and raised over four million pounds for elephant conservation.

The organisers have now come to Mumbai and hope the city will be able to match that performance and help raise the required funds to ensure the Asiatic elephants are protected well.20 percent of the net profit collected from the parade is donated to elephant welfare and conservation projects.




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