Notice issued to Delhi University Registrar


New Delhi: A report in Delhi Pioneer (11 July) and other newspapers said that Delhi University is going to start an MA course in political science on “Islam and international relations” under which “Islam and transnational terrorism” will be taught. Delhi Minorities Commission has issued a sou motu notice to the Registrar of Delhi University asking him: has the university, while starting a course on “Islamic terrorism” deliberated that individuals and groups belonging to many religions have indulged in terrorism across the world in recent times. In such a situation, starting a course only on “Islamic terrorism” will send a wrong message to society, increase communal tension and help hate politics.

DMC has asked the Registrar to send all information about this course, a list of the books which will be used to teach this course and if persons and groups belonging to other religions also will be studied under this course.It may be mentioned here that earlier Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) had planned to start a similar course but thanks to the swift intervention of DMC, JNU backtracked and its Registrar wrote to the Commission that no such course has been approved.


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