Now E-Rickshaw Service is going to start in JNU campus


New Delhi:After bus service in JNU campus now E-Rickshaw service is going to start .on this occasion JNUSU issued a notification that is bellow:

Congratulations to JNU Student community for starting of E-Rickshaw facilities in JNU. Finally JNU Administration had to bow down to the demands of Students for better transportation facilities in campus.

If one remembers in 2015-16 after repeated struggles and protests by JNU Students and JNUSU a bus facility was ensured and started in JNU. Before Jagadesh Kumar took charge as VC, a bus route was finalized and the bus used to cover the route of Damador to Ganga and Poorvanchal to Ganga with timings listed.

Mind You this facility was free and efforts were being done to extend this service till Chandrabaga hostel.This bus was got after 15 days Hunger Strike by then JNUSU. However Mamidala ji after taking charge stopped the service without any reason. Now the money involved in the bus has got wasted. Who is responsible for this Mamidala ji? Even after repeated protests and struggles Jagadesh ji never had an answer.

However considering the growing needs and distance in campus JNUSU had multiple times through protests, transport committee and other avenues has been asking to start E-Rickshaw or other facilities to improve the transportation facilities for all students especially PH/VH students.

Congratulations to student community for their struggle and fight for better transportation facilities.

Our fight will continue until the demands for Metro feeder bus and transport facilities till Munirka bustop are met.



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