Out of total 36 posts, HSS teryath running with only 16 teaching staff members

Five Lecturers,Three Masters and One teacher's post remained vacant since years.


Sahil Sharma :-The centrally sponsored schemes like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and Beti Padao Beti Bachao which have been established to increase and improve the standard of educational system in different parts of the country but the same schemes seems like diminishing in J&K’s  teryath tehsil of district Rajouri where the students are still waiting for their mentors to teach them properly and regularly as there have been lack of teaching staff members in Higher Secondry School (HSS) Teryath for the last couple of years.

According to the information gathered by The News Now, the teryath tehsil consists of 15 panchayats namely Allya, Ransoo, Theote, Sangar, Galhan, Bambliya,Thangriot, Khabbar, Teryath, Harichuma, Mathani, Dugga, Bambal, Ghaiwass and Bambal.Students of these panchayats are totally depend upon HSS Teryath. But due to shortage of staff members, students have been deprived of their basic rights i.e education.

The locals of the area told India Headlines that since 2002 the posts of lecturer in English, Education, Botany, Political Science and Urdu remained vacant.Similarly, in master grade out of total six posts three remained vacent. Likewise, one teacher and PEM post is also vacent in HSS teryath. Out of total 36 posts, HSS teryath running with only 16 teaching staff members which is very disappointing and shows the apathy of education department towards the future of our country.

“It is very unfortunate and hard luck of our area that we are still backward in education sector. We have met many times with CEO Rajouri, DDC Rajouri and Director, School Education Jammu for our genuine demand.They promised us that the vacant posts of HSS Teryath would be fulfilled at an earliest but nothing has been done so far and the situation remain same till now”, alleged Mr.Vinod Bazal, Sarpanch and further expressed his displeasure with the J&K  UT government and concerned department for playing with the future of tons of students of this border belt.

“We belong to the hilly area our students are sound in mind healthy and physically.We don’t have any other source of income and fully depend upon agriculture and if our educational institutions would render such kind of education then one can expect the future of our children”, a local parent added.

When contacted, Anuradha Gupta, Director, School Education told The News Now that  lecturers have been posted over there recently and further assured that she will look into the matter and fulfilled the remaining vacant posts soon.


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