Pakistan drone carrying weapons for terrorists was shot down by BSF in kathua


A drone carrying weapons near Kathua in Jammu and Kashmir was shot down by the Border Security Forces today, the police said. An American-origin M4 rifle, two magazines and ammunition have been recovered after shooting down the drone.

The officer said, “The drone is 8-feet wide from blade-to-blade and seems to have been controlled by a Pakistani picket opposite Panesar post of the BSF formation in Kathua sector at around 5:10 AM. The Border security Personnel fired nine rounds at the drone that was flying 250 meters under Indian territory. ”

“This is the first such incident reported in Jammu region when a drone is used to transport weapons,said officials.

As per officials they are the same rifles recovered from the terrorists of Jaish-e-Mohammed killed near Jammu region.

A highly sophisticated rifle, two magazines, 60 rounds and seven grenades were the payload on the drone meant to be delivered to Pakistani agents named Ali Bhai, the officials said quoting preliminary information.

It is believed that the Pakistani rangers manning the forward posts opposite BOP Pansar were controlling the drone,they said.


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