PM Modi disappointed the Nation:Naidu


Hyderabad: Ahead of December 7 Telangana polls, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and leader of the ruling Telugu Desam Party (TDP) on Thursday said that his party has no ídeological difference’with the Congress. Naidu further stressed that there was a ‘democratic compulsion’ for non-BJP political parties to be together on an electoral platform. The two parties are contesting the forthcoming Telangana polls together.The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) chief, who is trying to form a front of anti-BJP parties, alleged that Modi’s “negative attitude” created problems both on economic and social fronts. “There is no development, no freedom and no happiness under Modi,” said Naidu while interacting with a select group of journalists in Hyderabad.Naidu, whose party pulled out of BJP-led NDA in March, recalled that as a party supporting the Vajpayee government, he was the first to demand the resignation of Modi as the Gujarat Chief Minister in the wake of post-Godhra riots.”All these things may have been on Modi’s mind but I thought he has changed. In fact everybody thought he is a changed man and that’s how BJP got absolute majority in 2014 but he misused it,” said Naidu.He said that despite an absolute legislative majority of the Modi government, there was no growth rate and claimed that even the coalition governments in the past did extremely well.”Nobody is able to even telephone freely. I never faced this problem in my lifetime,” said Naidu, who alleged that nobody in the media, among politicians and even corporate sector raised voice against such suppression.Naidu said as a senior politician and someone who worked with the National Front and United Front, he decided to stand up and bring all the non-BJP parties together to “save the country and democracy”.
“(Prime Minister Narendra) Modi disappointed the nation. People trusted him so much and they also had so much faith in him. But he disappointed the nation. Everybody is living under pressure and tension. It is very bad for the nation that they are misusing institutions like CBI, ED and Income Tax,” he claimed.


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