PUBG addiction:Tow Maharashtra youth Die……


New Delhi:Two young men who were apparently engrossed in playing online game PUBG died after they were mowed down by a train in Maharashtra’s Hingoli, police said on 17 March.The two men Nagesh Gore (24) and Swapnil Annapurne (22) were playing the multiplayer game near the railway tracks when they were run over by the train bound to Ajmer from Hyderabad. The incident occurred 570 kilometres from Mumbai.The police said that the bodies were found by locals residing in the area late in the night.

PUBG has become a rage in India ever since it was launched almost a year ago. There are many cities in India that have banned the game citing addiction. Only last week, the Rajkot Police declared a ban on the game followed by Bhavnagar and some parts of Gir Somnath also banning the game.An accidental death report has been registered at Hingoli police station, he informed.PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, popularly called PUBG, is an online multi-player game of South Korean origin which experts have said is highly addictive and gives rise to violent behaviour in many of those playing it.


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