Saudi-led blockade of Qatar is illegal: UN Agency


A blockade against Qatar by Saudi and its allies from Gulf Cooperation Council is arbitrary and negatively effecting the people of the country according to an investigation by United Nations’ office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). In November 2017, a delegation from the OHCHR has visited Qatar on the invitation of Qatar National Human Rights Commission. The delegation has met with Qatar national Human Rights Commission’s members and many civil society organizations from 17 to 24 November.

Following the mission’s visit, OHCHR issued a report and term the blockade by Saudi led group as illegal and arbitrary that is impacting the lives of the people f Qatar and those living in Qatar. The Commission has also requested a visit to the blockading countries but they did not reply.

Saudi and its Gulf allies Bahrain, UAE and Egypt have imposed a blockade on Qatar last year alleging that it is supporting terrorism and having links with Iran that consider Saudi as enemy country. Many world powers including Russia, France and Kuwait have been persuading both the blocks for the reconciliation and the lifting of blockade but remained unsuccessful.


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