Shehla Rashid has deactivated her FB account,Here is reason


New Delhi:Former JNUSU vice-president Shehla Rashid had to deactivate her Facebook profile after receiving multiple rape threats and hate messages for speaking up in support of interfaith marriages and the right of Muslim women to choose their partners.

She wrote a post appealing to fellow Muslims to recognize that Muslim opposition to inter faith relationships by their daughters – as witnessed in the Ankit Saxena case – weakened the moral ground for opposition to the Sangh hate campaign against inter faith relationships that they brand ‘love jihad’. She was visited with hateful rape threats by some Muslim men who misrepresented and distorted what she was saying. They claim she is ‘egging on Muslim women to marry Hindu men’.

This is plain silly – as a feminist Shehla would never presume to tell Muslim women or any women whom they should love and marry! The whole point is that we must respect the right of women and men and persons – of any community – to choose their faith, their ideas, their relationships and partners and stop treating women as the property of communities.

What’s also alarming is the attempt by the opportunist and right wing Sanghis to try and use this episode to rationalize and legitimize their own Islamophobic campaign to brand the Muslim community as uniquely ‘backward and patriarchal’. That’s bullshit. Every community has its fundamentalists. In India, what makes the khap /Sangh /anti Dalit brand of patriarchy more dangerous is that it has state backing – courts and police support Hindu upper caste patriarchy and cooperate with it, this isn’t the case with Muslims and Dalits.
Solidarity Shehla.

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