Shirtless Mr.President with Gorgeous chest


Washington:Days after causing alarm with an unscheduled trip to the hospital, President Donald Trump tweeted a photo-shopped image of himself Wednesday as a rippling, bare-chested boxer.The president is furious over media speculation following his sudden trip to a government hospital outside Washington last Saturday and the startling tweet was his latest attempt to put talk of ill health to rest.

In the picture, Trump’s head is superimposed on the hulking body of a boxer – an image taken from the publicity poster for the Sylvester Stallone movie “Rocky III.The montage, in which a distinctly airbrushed version of the 73-year-old president’s face is used, comes without comment.Not that the Republican real estate tycoon is shy on the subject. He rarely misses a chance to talk up his own physical prowess and often makes unscripted comments — flattering or derogatory — about the physique of other men, often to their face during official events.

Trump tweeted the image of Stalone’s chiseled body after the rally.Incidentally, in Rocky III, Stalone’s trainer Mickey passes away after a heart attack.Meanwhile, the first Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing will begin next week. Trump is facing charges of abusing his power to tarnish his political rivals. He is also accused of impeding the investigation by blocking witnesses from testifying.


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