Sudershan films-Jammu Hills jointly make Pahari short movie on “Online Classes” during lockdown

We would come up with more such ventures in future too: Tarun Vasson


Sahil Sharma:- In order to aware the general public particularly the student community, Sudershan films in collaboration with Jammu Hills and Rajouri- Jammu & Poonch’s Talent FB Pages made a pahari short film on “Online Classes”.The main aim to make this short movie is to aware the general public, particularly the student community, about the concept of online classes which was recently started by various institutions during Covid-19 lockdown period to update their students by providing study material to them with the help of online classes.

The film has been shot in both hindi and Pahari language and was completed in just two days with limited resources.It was written, edited and directed by Mr.Tarun Vasson, Bollywood Actor.Mr.Tarun, hails from Rajouri, has been associated with bollywood for the last couple of years and also acted in many T.V serials telecasted in channels like Zee tv, Star, Big tv Sony, &TV and Sub TV etc.

Talking exclusively to India Headlines, Mr.Tarun told that this movie is all about creating awareness regarding online classes during lockdown and how a student belong to poor family avails this opportunity with the help of other members of the society without any discrimination.It also shows the feeling of oneness and brotherhood in our society. “Being a localied, whatever i have learnt from my acting carrier in bollywood , i want to share that experience with the youth of Rajouri and Poonch and start new trends in the field of acting in our area too by making more such short films in the comming days under Rollywood”, he said and future added that its really very challenging job for me to work with all those who have no knowledge of acting but they all were superbly played their roles very efficiently.

The film has already been released on 20th of this month and can be seen on above mentioned FB pages.”Working with such an actor would definitely increase our passion and learning towards our acting carrier and would help us in our future assignments”, added Mr.Krishna and Saqib, local artists.The actors who acted in this film were Sugandhi, Mehak, Vijay Kumar, jKrishna, Saqib Malik, Karan Bassan, Anubhav Snahi, Bandhana, Subash and Tarun Vasson.


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