The role and importance of Madrasa


By: Ehsan Badr Taimi

Madrasa is an institution where education is given almost free of of cost . Mdrasas are actually more than just religious education centre. These are the multitasking institutions where along with religious teachings other educational requirements are fulfilled. Madrasas are the greatest NGOs in the world which give students free education and provide free boarding who come from a poor and deprived families.
These are the places where teachers(Ulamas) and students belonging to different culture and tradition come together and develop an intercultural communication pattern. They form cultural groups which make them able to participate in joint activities and improve their knowledge.

Madrasas have played an important role in protecting social and moral values apart from contributing to the development of country. Sky-touching buildings,economic growth,and employment are not the development unless there is no humanity,morality,and the harmony in the country. Madrasas are the purifiers of the soul and heart too.
But inspite of these things ,this is also a truth that most of the muslim families do not prefer the education of madrasa. The students of madrasas are generally from poor and middle class families. Common Muslim families in general and the upper class families in particular do not prefer madrasa education. They don’t want to let their children learn Islamic education. They fear that after spending a precious time of 7-8 years in a madrasa, whatever their children will learn there, it will not be sufficient to get them a job with handsome salary. Sometimes a madrasa’s graduate himself raises the question and complains” I have lost 7 and 8 precious years of my life living in madrasa”. This kind of question comes only to the mind of those who does not understand the aim and objective of madrasa education,that is why they go into inferiority complex.

In this situation we need to creat awareness among our community to know the aim and value of madrasa education, and to get our children enrolled in Madras. When we get attached with madrasa the above problem will be solved itself.The Muslim collectively ,as being the best nation, must play a vital role in the society to spread the real message of madrasas to those who are unaware of it. Because this is the reason that Allah has addressed them in the Quran as”You are the best Ummah ever ,raised for mankind,you bid the fair and forbid the unfair,and you believe in Allah”(Al e Imran:110)


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