(An Enemy of One’s Talent)

Written By
Chowdhary Rabiya Shafiq

Some people stand out in a crowd others just get lost in it. Most of our youngsters have talent but they don’t let it come out, they feel shy. Everybody has their outstanding moments but at times they feels like another face in the crowd.

My intention in writting this article is to maximise the potential of those people (Especially youngsters) who feel nervous to stand out in a crowd. In order to do so, they should focus on those times when they do stand out, figure out what made them the centre of attention. Was it their appearance ? A funny line they said ? , the way they treated someone else? Once they understand what qualities make them shine, they can concentrate on exhibiting them more often. Just as people learn to excel at sports by continual practices or by taking lessons, they can learn to be more out going, expressive person. Practice and improve on how they act around other people and they will become even more likeable than they already are.

If you have any personal magnetism, you are surely not doing a good job of hiding it. There is nothing wrong with being Ms. Average. If thats what you are comfortable with, but if you want to up your visibility you can. Fist you need to work on the way you communicate non verbally with others; think about making and maintaining eye contact when you are speaking to people, gesture more when you speak. All of the actions reinforce other people’s perception of you as friendly and interested which makes them like you more. Next pay more attention to your appearance; people who take care of their looks are generally seen as attractive.

Another way to ensure positive feedback is to b accessible listen when friends need you, lend a helping hand and be honest and open about your feelings. Also get involved in activities that interest you. The more you open yourself up to and interact with others, the more you will be seen and that is the whole idea! So be crowd pleaser and stand out in a crowdvand let your talents come out. Also feel praising othera better. It shows you hace enough confidence in your talents not to be threatened when others excel but be careful not to get too carried away in the charm department …!!!

CHOWDHARY RABIYA SHAFIQ: the writer of this article is a first female Journalist , Social Activist and Entreprenuer from Peer Panjal Region. She is Active since 2012. She can be contacted via email:  rabiyashafiq95@gmail.com


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