Video shows UK stabbing suspect on London Bridge


London:London Bridge terrorist Usman Khan was attending a conference on prisoner rehabilitation when he launched his attack. Two people were killed before Khan, 28, was shot dead by police after his deadly rampage. Khan was released from jail in December 2018 and was wearing an electronic tag and under a curfew at the time of his attack.
Khan, who was a resident of Staffordshire, had lived in Pakistan during his teens. Khan left school with no qualifications after his mother became ill, The Telegraph reported.He went on the rampage just before 2 pm Friday, targeting people at Fishmongers’ Hall near London Bridge — where a deadly attack by Islamist militants had taken place two years ago. Police have said that Khan was inspired by the ideology of al-Qaeda terror group.

Khan ran onto nearby London Bridge where he was confronted and tackled by onlookers. One brandished an ornamental tusk and another one armed with a fire extinguisher as Khan was wrestled. Police were on the scene within two minutes and he was shot dead. A member of staff at Fishmongers’ Hall, a grade II listed building on the banks of the Thames, said people were escorted out by cops. One told The Times: ‘They were asked to look up as they were led out of the hall and specifically not to look down. ‘Some did and saw the woman’s body.Police said Usman Khan was convicted in 2012 of terrorism offences and released in December 2018 “on license”, which means he had to meet certain conditions or face recall to prison.


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